Alcohol – The Gateway to Hell


The demon alcohol, debated throughout history. Right or wrong it does have its drawbacks. There are many out there that can enjoy a long successful life enjoying alcohol on a social basis. This is not the case for the addict. Each and every drink only leads to self justification of the next level of intoxicant.

There are a certain group of illegal substances that are the perfect mate for the alcohol high. Cocaine and crack cocaine are the perfect examples of this concept. Cocaine is the up part of the equation, alcohol being the depressant. At the time of use it seems like a perfect match.

So if you are trying to kick a habit such as cocaine or any other illicit substance for that matter, continuing to drink alcohol pretty much assures your failure. Every drink will weaken your resistance to an already deadly force. The fact is that if you have the strength to decline at this point, then you probably would have never been in the situation to begin with. So the reality is…why make things harder on yourself?

In order to return to a normal substance-free life you must stay away from the things that bring you down. Chances are the first time you used any type of narcotics or illegal drugs you probably had a few drinks before anyway. So if the urge strikes and it will, just remember where it led the last time.

Be strong…Thinking about what your previous addiction has done to your life. Carefully weigh your options….stay on the path.

If you have a lot of support or just looking for the support needed or have family that are looking to get support there are groups online you can visit for further information such as Yahoo group chatrooms.

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