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How is cocaine made? Various methods are used to make cocaine. In one method, dried coca leaves are soaked with lime water or other alkaline liquids and then extracted with kerosene in metal drums. Workers use sulfuric acid to extract the dissolved cocaine and form a liquid solution to which lime is added, leading to precipitation of coca paste.

Workers then add acid and potassium to remove impurities, followed by a bicarbonate, to cause the base to separate. The base is further dissolved in a solvent like acetone and then soaked again in acid. Finally, the cocaine paste is filtered through a cloth to separate, then dried. buy cocaine

Alternately, the base can be dissolved in a solvent, such as acetone, ether or ethyl acetate, and heated in a bath of hot water. Methyl ethyl ketone is another solvent that workers add to the hot liquid mixture, along with hydrochloric acid, leading to cocaine hydrochloride crystallizing in the solution. Solvents are pressed out by hand, followed by a hydraulic press, then the mixture is heated in a microwave to create cocaine powder.


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