Cocaine Couriers, Pito and a Beautiful Woman


Kwame Mainu from Warwick University in England had come to Kumasi University in Ghana in 1996 to help run a short course on computing for small enterprises. The link between the two universities had been plagued by a Kumasi-based drugs cartel taking advantage of Ghanaian academics flying to the UK to recruit couriers. Kwame hoped that with help from his estranged wife, Comfort, still living in Kumasi, the cartel’s operations had stopped, but they feared a revival. Suspicions were aroused when an enterprise called Sika Ye Na (Money is Scarce) applied to attend the short course. Sika Ye Na was known to have contacts with Hanabis, the Lebanese company behind the drugs cartel. So an undercover agent, Tam Gordon, had been sent from Britain, posing as a member of Kwame’s team.

Tam was an old Ghana hand and spoke the local dialect, Twi. He was happy to accompany Kwame to Comfort’s house and enjoy Ghanaian food and drink. They needed to ask Comfort if she knew anything about Cecilia Obeng-Mensah, the proprietor of Sika Ye Na Enterprise. Comfort welcomed her visitors and asked what she could do for them, and Tam’s first request was for a glass of Grunshie pito, a beer brewed in Navrongo in the Upper East Region in the far north of Ghana.

Comfort returned with Tam’s glass filled to the brim and laughed as he struggled to lower the level without causing a spill. ‘What reaches on two?’ she asked in Twi. ‘Secondly, we want to ask you if you know a woman called Cecilia Obeng-Mensah?’

‘Cessie!’ cried Comfort, ‘I’ve known her for a long time.’

‘Is she connected to the Lebanese?’ Kwame asked.

‘She was Suleiman Hannah’s girlfriend for many years; she even hints the affair is not over. She’s very beautiful.’

‘What does she do?’ asked Tam.

‘She has her own business, I think.’

‘What sort of business?’

‘I’m not sure, I never asked her – she’s not in shoes.’

For the next half hour the disposal of the fufu dinner took precedence. It was when they were sitting and digesting with suitably stimulating beverages that Comfort’s curiosity could no longer be constrained and she asked, ‘What has Cessie done to excite so much interest?’

‘She applied to come on our training course,’ Kwame said.

‘But she’s not an engineer; as far as I know.’

‘No this course is on computerised accounting and job costing.’

‘So she’s on your course – she must be popular with the men!’

‘No, she didn’t register on Sunday with the others and we haven’t seen her since.’

‘Do you happen to know what Cecilia’s father does?’ Tam asked Comfort. ‘Yes, he’s a pastor,’ she replied, ‘We used to joke about a pastor’s daughter being a Muslim man’s mistress.’

‘Is the father with the Pentecostal church?’

‘Yes, I believe so; Afriyie told me she had met him once in Coventry.’

‘Then it looks as if all our speculations are correct,’ said Tam, taking another long pull on his beloved pito.

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Source by John Powell

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