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Bitcoin payment system. But you need an account (Bitcoin account).
Bitcoin which was released in 2009 as an open-source software, is a digital store of value and payment system. The system is peer-to-peer; that means users can transact directly without needing an intermediary. Transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called the block chain. The ledger uses its own unit of account, also called bitcoin. The system works without a central repository or single administrator, which has led the US Treasury to categorize it as a decentralized virtual currency. Bitcoin is often called the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is more correctly described as the first decentralized digital currency.

Bitcoins are CryptoCurrencies (Digital Currency). It is an open source peer to peer payment system. Bitcoin is most safe, secure and anonymous payment method.

Once you choose payment with bitcoins, you will need to have a BTC wallet of your own from which you will need to do the transfer. If it is your first time of using BTC then you will need to Sign Up for and account and purchase BTC from the following websites


Make your payment directly into our Bitcoin Wallet.
Please use your Order ID as the payment reference.

Your order will not be shipped until the funds have been received into our BTC Wallet.

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How to Buy Bitcoins on MoonPay:

Firstly go to https://buy.moonpay.io/,
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Thirdly, Enter our BTC Wallet address provided to you and click “Buy Now”,
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Agree to MoonPay Terms of use and Privacy Policy and Click “Continue”
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Once your card has been debited, Bitcoins could take up to 2hours max to reflect in our Bitcoin Wallet.


How to Buy Bitcoins on Abra:

Go to https://www.abra.com/

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Enter your bitcoin address (if you own one) or our bitcoin address provided on checkout page. If not, simply download the Abra app and generate a new bitcoin address for free.
Enter your billing and payment details. You may be asked to provide your basic details during this step.
Receive your bitcoin in as little as 20-30 minutes in your bitcoin wallet.
Also, If you already have Bitcoins, All you need do is copy our BTC Wallet address available and make payment for your order. When making Payment with BTC, make sure the amount to send in BTC matches the total amount of your purchase order in USD. An electronic receipt will be sent to you through mail once payment has been received with BTC

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