Penis Pain and Ecstasy: A Common Side Effect


Illegal drug use is something in which a man should not engage, especially when it may cause penis pain or other penis health issues. That is often the case with the recreational drug Ecstasy, which is known to cause a number of side effects, some of them quite dangerous and some related to sexual issues in men.

What is Ecstasy?

Ecstasy is the street name given to the drug MDMA (methylenedioxymethylamphetamine), which causes effects that are associated with both hallucinogenics and amphetamines. It’s a popular „party“ drug because of its mind-altering abilities; however, the consequences of using Ecstasy can be serious and substantial.

General side effects

Ecstasy has many stimulant qualities, and as a result in can bring about side effects related to overstimulation of the body and its systems: chills, shaking, sweating, nausea, difficult focusing the eyes, tightly clenched jaw muscles, etc. In some cases, hyperthermia (a worrisome and significant increase in the body’s temperature) can result. Hyperthermia is of concern in and of itself, but it can also result in muscle breakdown and kidney failure.

Of even greater concern, Ecstasy can lead to extreme high blood pressure and potentially fatal cardiac events. Ecstasy use can not only cause damage, it can bring about death.

Beyond physical health issues, Ecstasy is also associated with mental health and memory loss problems. Of course, psychologically-based addiction is also a serious Ecstasy risk.

Sexual side effects

In terms of sexual health, use of Ecstasy is a double-edged sword. Many people report that use of MDMA can spark an increase in sexual desire; interestingly, while the drug apparently often creates a more pronounced sex drive, it also dampens the desire for actual intercourse.

Of more concern, the increase in desire does not translate to an increase in sexual performance; significantly, many men report that the converse happens – males who are frequent users of Ecstasy find that their performance is negatively impacted. This effect exhibits in several ways:

– Difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection. While a man using Ecstasy may feel sensually aroused, his penis is often not attuned to that arousal. The organ feels a certain level of excitement and interest, but the physical mechanism is often impeded, resulting in no erection or in an erection that is only semi-hard. It is also not unusual for the hardness to fade quickly.

– Ejaculatory difficulties. Ecstasy-laden men also may encounter difficulties bringing themselves to a climax. In some cases, ejaculation is inhibited for the simple reason that the man is unable to obtain or maintain an erection, as mentioned above. In other cases, the ejaculation is delayed to the point that a man loses interest in the release.

– Penis shrinkage. Many men report that their members shrink during MDMA use. There is debate as to whether this is an actual physical change – i.e., the organ in fact does become shorter – or whether it simply relates to the effect that the drug has on the erection, causing semi-firmness and therefore a shorter tool, rather than full firmness and a longer one.

– Soreness. Because Ecstasy increases sexual desire while impacting performance, many men using the drug will engage in sex for a greater length of time, especially when they are trying to obtain an ejaculation that the MDMA is inhibiting. As a result, many of these men develop an extremely sore tool. In some cases, the penis pain can be considerable.

Men who use Ecstasy are encouraged to stop; however, any man who is afflicted with penis pain for whatever reasons can help alleviate the soreness by applying a first-class penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to the tool on a regular basis. A cream with natural moisturizing ingredients such as Shea butter and vitamin E can provide much-needed soothing relief. It’s also advisable to use a cream with L-arginine; this ingredient helps produce nitric oxide, which in turns is an aid in promoting healthier blood flow, something that might be an issue for those who have used Ecstasy.

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